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What Is Transformative Coaching?

Transformational coaching is an intimate and collaborative journey where the coach and the client join forces to pinpoint areas necessitating growth while crafting actionable strategies for meaningful change.

For JJ, the transformative coaching process isn't merely about advice-giving; it's a holistic approach aimed at unraveling the individual's untapped potential.

JJ Ferrari’s Transformative Coaching gives you new tools, strategies, insights and structures to create accurate and immediate improvements in your clarity, focus and decisions improving very quickly your ability to achieve far more than seemed previously possible in your business and life.

JJ designed Transformative Coaching is to also bring a high degree of balance to your overall life along with your business growth. When you put effort into this balance your results are assuredly longer lasting. When you continue to find more enjoyment and energy in all areas of your life you will find that complexity of thinking that once held you back is now a thing of the past.
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Barriers to thinking and making decisions greatly improvedImproved energy, clarity and focusSolutions to top challenges are foundIncreased Self-knowledge and awareness for reducing relapse of barriersIncreased confidence in ability to achieve goalsNew tools, strategies for project and people management Establish a plan for continued improvements in quality of life as well as business. Achieve a goals strategic-by-product as a more favourable outcome.

What JJ Ferrari's Coaching Clients Have to Say About Transformative Coaching...

Inspiring words from individuals who've unlocked their true potential under JJ's guidance.

JoAnna is a nurturing, heart-warming and assertive leader. Her mentoring approach enabled me to discover new insights on my growth and think about my career in exciting and energising ways. I feel very lucky and grateful for my time with her.

No fluff, just complete honesty with clear and direct communication. My exec coaching sessions with Jo have given me actionable tasks to focus on for growth (personally and within the business). Thank you so much, I feel transformed, and appreciate really your help!

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Joanna, your help and advise regarding my sales process has been invaluable. I have implemented the process and already seeing a 30% response. Although my sales cycle is quite long (up to 6 months) 50% of respondents have requested next steps. And that's while getting used to the process. Once it is 2nd nature no doubt these numbers will go up. I wish I'd met you and worked with you years ago.

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Working with Joanna, and trust me this was work, she has given me the opportunity to 're-discover' things about myself that over time I had forgotten make me excited, drive my passions and contribute to overall welbeing. With her help I found where I can effortlessly succeed and where I need to trust my instincts and boldly go where I otherwise might have hesitated.

Joanna's methods of unpacking to the essence, cutting away the fluff and BS to get to the core of what really matters is refreshing, confronting at times (but that is a good thing) and most important of all, done in an atmosphere of trust and openness. If you are willing to trust yourself, let down your guard and are curious in what can be, I would recommend Joanna without any hesitation. Be bold, go on that ride and be inspired!

Being mentored and guided by someone of the calibre of JJ Ferrari is a privilege. Her knowledge, business nous and insights have been (and are) so valuable to me. She's able to see through the minutia, and shine the light on the path you need to take. I was looking for a way to add value to the work I do and in a couple of sessions, JJ helped me nut out a way forward. You cannot be this good without having the runs on the board and really owning your space...and that is JJ. I love her strategic mind. I'm so glad JJ is in my corner.

JoAnna Ferrari changed my life, through her own greatness she helped me unleash the best version of me.
Her unique, sassy tailored coaching sessions have been the the best investment. Her boldness & direct approach allowed me to look at things differently & the way she challenged my own limitations allowed me to be fearless. I highly recommend working with Joanna

Joanna's guidance & executive coaching was monumental in my career & helped me move forward professionally & personally. Her gift lies in the fact that she quickly helps you understand what is holding you back, she has a passion & drive to bring out your best.

Jo was my Exec coach while I was going through the partner process at a large professional services firms. I found her to be really insightful and thoughtful while challenging typically views and stereotypes - just the type of person I needed to help coach me
through this challenging process. After 3 months of regular coaching I felt confident and prepared for the partner process ... Much of this was due to the conversations Jo and I had together.

Transformative Coaching

JJ is very direct and speaks to the point. For me, this was fantastic to help me to articulate my business and value very clear. She also helped me to identify areas where I wasn't being myself, being natural or getting caught up in business language. I would recommended JJ to anyone really wanting to challenge their own thinking on how they lead and present themselves and their value - and doing this in the way that works for you. Thanks JJ!

JoAnna is one of the most inspiring, genuine people I have met. Not only was I captivated by what she had to say, the personal insights I gained were amazing. I have learnt so much, had so many ah-ha moments and quite a few 'of course' moments too. JoAnna has a way of helping you see what’s in front of you so you can connect with your truth and figure out the changes you need to make. And she does all of this in such a genuine, supportive way. I’m looking forward to working with her further.

Working in the gender balance and diversity space JoAnna has been a great help to my business. She understands intrinsically the challenges and has the insight, experience and intuitive delivery to ensure I am able to overcome the hurdles. On the sales side of the business she was able to zone in on the weak spots of my message enabling me to instantly improve my outcomes when working with new clients. She is more than a coach, she is a strategist that gets results.

Within the first minute of meeting JoAnna, I was motivated – her positivity is infectious! She is a fantastic coach who is able to help and motivate people at all levels. She is a true professional and personally helped me achieve my goals. I always looked forward to my sessions with JoAnna and always felt so motivated and invigorated afterwards. She has a unique ability of helping you work through a problem and provided me invaluable tools to the get the results I wanted. I cannot speak highly enough of JoAnna!

JJ Ferrari says "The only way we can fail is if you don't truly know what you want or you're not fully connected to your intentions".

Transformative Coaching is based on insights gained by working with businesses, leaders and executives in over 125+ industries and the program is a proven, results-producing process that helps you draw from what you already know, give you new options, input and resources to create a bigger, more satisfying future for yourself and your career.

Approximately every 10 days you’ll meet with her for a progressive transformative session. Each session consists of but are not limited to focusing exercises, reviews of progress and planning for the next 10 day action period, writing and immediate action.

Exercises are incorporated to increase discipline, learning and accountability. Progress builds in stages, and after just a few sessions most participants find if they have fully committed to the process, they have seen significant transformed thinking and produce greatly improved productivity, growth, and sense of freedom.

Transformative Coaching is about giving you what you want, so you have to be sure you are ready for this type of growth. We are going to find and release the answers for you, then all you need to do is be willing to act on them.
Q: How does transformative coaching differ from traditional coaching methods?

A: Transformative coaching is unique conventional coaching by delving deeper into personal and professional growth. While traditional coaching often focuses on external goal-setting and skill enhancement, transformative coaching emphasises the internal development of self-discovery, self-potential, realigning actions with intentions. It's a collaborative process that not only addresses immediate challenges but also instigates profound, lasting change by reshaping mindsets,actions and perspectives.

Q: What tangible benefits can I expect from engaging in transformative coaching?

A: Engaging in transformative coaching with an experienced professional like JJ Ferrari offers multifaceted benefits. Clients typically experience enhanced leadership skills, improved decision-making abilities, increased self-awareness, and the dismantling of limiting beliefs. Moreover, this coaching methodology often leads to better work-life balance, heightened resilience, and a clearer sense of purpose, ultimately fostering sustainable success and fulfillment in both personal and professional spheres.

Q: How personalised is transformative coaching?

A: One of the key strengths of transformative coaching lies in its personalised approach. It has to be personally tailored in order to fully address the unique needs, goals, and challenges of each individual. JJ Ferrari's extensive experience allows for a customised roadmap that considers your specific intentions, aspirations, professional environment, and level of internal growth areas needing attention. Sessions are half structured by your intentions, and half by your growing willingness to practice and resonate with the idea of a sustainable transformation.

Q: How long does it typically take to see results from transformative coaching?

A: The timeline for experiencing tangible results varies for each individual. While some clients notice immediate shifts in mindset and behaviour, the depth of transformative change often requires commitment to consistent practice. JJ Ferrari's coaching philosophy prioritises gradual but sustainable progress, ensuring that every step forward aligns with your intentions and aspirations. There is an idea in transformative coaching called accumulated abilities. This simply means that our external world changes to meet our intention when the internal world has been adequately prepared. Personal and professional growth cannot be determined by the coach, but only by the student.

Q: How will transformative coaching with JJ Ferrari complement my current leadership or professional development initiatives?

A: Transformative coaching acts as a catalyst for existing leadership and professional development initiatives. By providing a plan for growing you as a person any external professional development will actually deliver better results for you by reinforcing your other initiatives.

Transformative Coaching

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I work with clients who have a strong intention and have made a decision they need help to reach new levels of clarity and actions to achieve their outcome.Transformative coaching is an investment in yourself. It's challenging, it's hard work, but if you are ready, your breakthrough will be well worth it. The coaching sessions are as important with what you do with the insights between the sessions. Consistency, new thinking, new actions are required for new results.
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