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JJ was a perfect fit for a FCTG conference.  Her humour, messaging and direct approach was all spot on.  Become, Attract and Create worked beautifully with our theme of shaping the future.  What the team and I appreciated most about JJ was just her honest and gritty style which was not only refreshing but captivating. 
We were delighted to have JJ at our conference, and she exceeded our expectations.  It was also wonderful to have her join us and the team for lunch to continue the conversation. - Flight Centre

JJ Ferrari is a professional speaker who brings a unique and inspiring perspective to her presentations.

With a diverse background and a personal journey of triumph over adversity, JJ captivates audiences as she shares her story of transformation and resilience. From her high-powered executive life to her courageous gender transition and the subsequent loss of everything she held dear, JJ's journey is one of hope, empowerment, and the unwavering strength of the human spirit.

“JoAnna was the closing speaker at our TEDxMelbourne 2016 event. She delivered the most powerful and passionate talk of the day and ended up with a well deserved standing ovation (hard to do on a TEDx stage).” -Jon Yeo/ Licensee and Curator at TEDx Melbourne

After my transition, I had to retrain my body, mind and spirit to be strong, confident and capable. I also had to retrain my immediate world and others around me to trust, believe in and support me. That's what I want to train your audiences to do for themselves! - JJ Ferrari

These are my top favourite presentations. Each of them has a specific element of what transformed my life, my business, my relationships, my confidence and my clients. Lets transform your audience together. Look forward to meeting you, JJ Ferrari

Right Your Story.

Let JJ Ferrari take your audience on a transformational journey from introspection to empowerment with "Right Your Story: From Reflection to Reality."

In a world where inner and outer landscapes intertwine, this presentation serves as your compass, guiding you towards a life of authenticity and fulfillment. By aligning your dual realities—your unnoticed, yet powerful internal thoughts and your reflective, recurring external experiences—you'll unveil the power to shape your narrative and craft a life that resonates with your authentic self.

"Right Your Story: From Reflection to Reality" empowers you to rewrite your narrative through insightful exercises, actionable steps, and the wisdom of aligning dual realities, this presentation is your springboard to crafting a life that radiates with authenticity and purpose. 


Right Your Story

FEAR INTO CONFIDENCE: Feeling Fear and Living Confidently Anyway!

In this captivating presentation, JJ Ferrari takes audiences on a transformative journey from fear to confidence. Drawing from her own experiences of facing overwhelming challenges and rebuilding her life, JJ shares powerful insights and practical strategies to conquer fear and embrace newfound confidence. With her unique blend of vulnerability and resilience, JJ inspires individuals to tap into their inner strength, confront their fears head-on, and unlock their true potential. Get ready to be empowered and equipped with the tools to overcome obstacles and live a fearless, fulfilling life.

Effective Everyday Ally Conversations: Fostering Inclusion and Understanding

Creating an inclusive and supportive environment requires everyday allyship. In this eye-opening presentation, JJ Ferrari leverages her own journey of gender transition to shed light on the importance of effective ally conversations. Through engaging storytelling and practical tips, JJ equips audiences with the tools to engage in meaningful dialogue, challenge biases, and foster genuine understanding and empathy. Whether in the workplace or everyday life, JJ's insights empower individuals to become proactive allies, creating a culture of acceptance, respect, and belonging.

The Feeling of CHANGE: Explore and Expand Your Inner Universe. Discover Unlimited Creativity, Innovation & Happiness.

In the first chapter of my life, I strode through the world as a man, driven by the allure of success, the pursuit of wealth, and a sincere desire to uplift others with my skills. My days and years were woven with achievements, prosperity, and a sense of purpose. But destiny had a different tale in store for me.

As I embarked on my transformative path of gender transition, I found myself facing a whirlwind of loss, poor health, and chaos. What I first envisioned as a life as a woman turned out to be an unexpected turn of fate. It was within this storm of adversity that I discovered the depths of my resilience, my authenticity, the fragility of life, and the power of the human spirit.
Permission to Grow
JJ Ferrari Home
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JJ Ferrari Home

JJ does more than just tick the speakers boxes for her speaking clients. She provides everything you need to feel confident you've hired the right speaker that your audience will love and will boost your events success.

In our initial conversation I think it's important for us to get to know each other better, so we know we can work together. Next let's talk about your theme and what kind of presentation you need from me for your event. Then when you feel confident of hiring me, we can make a plan to create an impactful presentation. 

I'm excited for our conversation. Is there anything you'd like to discuss besides these 3 things?

  1. Your current event date, theme and plans.
  2. Which of my presentations would best serve your audience and event [and what tailoring we need to do to make sure the message hits the mark].
  3. Most importantly, can we work together and communicate well? That's why I love this first conversation, it's always fun to meet new people and see how we can work together.
I work with clients looking for an inspirational speaker that brings a strong track record and the ability to bring audiences energy, enthusiasm and motivation up. Its my job to do a presentation that helps make your event a success.Something to consider; does your audience need a shot of direct honesty and adrenaline? Do they need real world ideas and stories? If yes, thats ME 🙂 Based on your objectives and outcomes I will plan a sound strategy and design to my presentation. Part of what I do very well is my pre-event communication with my clients. I think its as important as what you do on the day.
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